22 April 2011

Ski Day 25: Still Winter @ Ski Bowl, Kinda

Crap, I forgot to blog about last weekend. Sunday the 17th was another day of toboggan training for some folks who needed a catch-up day to be ready for testing. Glorious partly sunny day, that started out in the high 20s.

Not much else to say except that the off-piste stuff was terrible in the upper bowl, having gone through a melt-freeze since the last snowfall. The groomed stuff was firm and fast, and in great shape all day.

Saw a small avalanche in the upper bowl on the West Wall about mid-afternoon (2-ish, I think). Nobody was skiing over there, thankfully. My apprentice group and I observed it from the chairlift. Looked like the point of origin was one of the exposed rocks a little ways down from the top of the ridge, probably having heated up from sun exposure and released. Origin looked like maybe a 4-5' wide (if that) spot broke loose, and the toe ended up being probably about 30' wide or so. If I ever remember to upload the photos, I'll post 'em.

Good day of training though. Had to be towed over to the Palace from the bottom of Multy via snow-mo since the handle tow wasn't running. Still plenty of snow all around the area, and it sounds like they had some accumulation up there this week. Going back up Saturday to do the last round of toboggan-handling tests for this year's apprentice group.