02 March 2011

Ski Days 18 & 19: Flippin' Cold and Flippin' Awesome

Day 18 was another training day with the patrol. I was covering for one of the A Team coaches at Ski Bowl, and it was VERY cold. Probably the coldest day I've skied since coming out here to Oregon. Temps were in the single digits as the day started. Not as cold as that GS at Burke that one year, but pretty darn chilly.

The cold, plus the recent fresh snow, made it a pretty damn good day to be on the hill. Too bad we had to spend the bulk of the morning on the gentler groomed slopes. All the apprentice groups seemed to have jumped right into the steeps a little before the trainees were really ready for it, and some of them were really showing that they needed a little more time working the fundamentals.

So, we spent the morning over on Multorpor, tweaking things and working on reinforcing stance/balance and their importance to good, smooth transitions in the handles an on the tail rope. I think it helped - they all looked like they had made improvement by the afternoon. Good day of training, and some of the stuff in the upper bowl was still pretty good skiing, even in the afternoon.

Day 19 was today. I'd gotten permission to take the day off because it'd been just DUMPING snow on the mountain the last few days. Fellow patroller NoPoGirl and her friend were already planning to ski, and invited me to tag along.

It was awesome. Snowed all day, a little breezy, but some freshies and wind-blown stuff were to be found all over the hill. Place was practically empty, and we just cranked out run after run. I saw Grant Myrdal (the photog from Day 14) over on Star, so we skied by to hopefully get a few shots taken. He managed to get a handful of each of us, which we got to check out on the big screen in the lodge at lunch. We called it a day a little early, but I wasn't complaining - Bex and I recently started P90X and today was Plyo X, so my legs were pretty beat anyhow.