27 March 2011

Ski Day 23: Another Tune-Up

Last Saturday the 26th was a big day. Not only were a handful of the patrol trainees that I worked with last weekend going to take their toboggan tests, but I was putting on another tune-up clinic for the folks we hope to have ready for the next weekend of testing. In the morning, coaches John, Jeff, and I gave a pep talk to the folks going over to Ski Bowl to test, then I went with Jeff and a group of 6 trainees to Meadows to train.

It was a freakin' great day to ski. Almost a shame that we weren't there to free-ski. But we had work to do - the gang we had with us needed more work to be ready for their toboggan-handling tests coming up. So Jeff and I set about getting them ready. Most of what we worked on was stance and balance stuff. We did manage to get in a free run, though. The gang needed it, and it was epic.

No real exciting or memorable moments came from the day's session, however. Pretty routine day of toboggan training. We started off with some drills, then dragged sleds around, pretty much like last time.

When we got done, however, we called one of the coaches that was up with us last week. He was with the group that was being tested, so we wanted to find out how things went. We were very pleased to find out they all passed. After we got back to Govy, it was congrats all around, and we did some shots from the shot-ski at Charlie's. Congrats to the apprentices who passed, and best wishes to the ones testing this weekend.

I'll be away from the hill this weekend, but back coaching next week for whoever is still preparing. Hopefully there will be more good news on Sunday.