06 March 2011

Ski Day 20: Training in the Glop @ Ski Bowl

Saturday was another training day, and I found myself back with B Team once again. One of their regular coaches couldn't make it, so I joined them for some more toboggan training over at Ski Bowl.

It was snowing, and with the temps where they were, in my mind it was threatening to rain. Thankfully, the precipitation on the hill remained snow, but it was pretty wet stuff. The fresh/overnight snow was fairly heavy, kind of like mashed potatoes. Good snowball snow - the kind of stuff that ends up causing a lot of slow, twisting falls that end up needing patrol help.

Skiing this kind of glop concerns me more than most, having had/repaired/rehabbed a torn ACL, but some recent little tweaks to my technique had me actually fairly unconcerned with the snow after a few tentative turns. Some of the glop-skiing was actually fun.

The apprentices all still need to work on the same things, which is a little frustrating at this stage in their training. I think they are understanding what we are telling them they need to do, and why it's important for them to make the technical adjustments we're giving them, but it seems like they're having trouble applying it. I think they need to spend more time making the adjustments out of the handles, on gentler terrain, then get back in the handles.

That said, some of them made some really good progress this week. Test weekend looms ever closer, so hopefully they all make strides this coming weekend.

Since I didn't want to get up at 3am to do it, I had to do my P90X workout when I got home. Legs & Back / Ab Ripper X is not the workout you want to have to do after a day on the hill.