19 January 2011

Ski Day 10: Drenched at Ski Bowl

I'm writing about this one only because it happened. The only thing spectacular about coaching this past weekend was the amount of water that fell from the sky as rain and didn't freeze.

We knew going in it was going to be a VERY wet training day. To their credit, C Team generally had a good attitude almost all day. We did a lot of work in the morning, since the decision had been made to close off portions of the area to preserve the snow coverage. Since there were almost no guests on the hill, it probably made little or no difference.

The skiing over off the Multorpor chair was excellent, however. Despite the rain and warm temperature, the snow was fast and held up well. We got a lot of good work in doing carving and sideslipping drills.

But the rain just kept coming, and much of the day it was a downpour. We could barely hear ourselves think over the sound of the rain hitting hoods/helmets. I don't think I've skied in that much rain in my life, and we've had some doozies back at Smugglers' in my youth. Not to mention the day we closed Ski Bowl after I completed my ski patrol training that year. Brutal.

The one positive was that it reminded me that I'd forgotten to wash my parka and pants with the NikWax stuff at the end of last season, so I did that as soon as I got home. Might be time for a new parka next season.