06 April 2010

Ski Day 23: Epic "Me Patrol" @ MHM

I guess I should call it "we patrol", since there were 3 of us. But that sounds kind of odd. Anyway, I'm finally getting around to blogging about last Friday. My blogslackery knows...uh...well, SOME bounds. I guess.

After looking at the week's forecast after Ski Day 22, I told myself I absolutely MUST ski that Friday. Fortunately, my boss is awesome and didn't have any problem with me taking the 2nd off to go ski. Even more fortunately, because I prefer not to ski alone, a couple of super cool people that I know also took a 'mental health day' on Friday. Barkernews and NoPoGirl are even more dedicated to skiing than I am, so I was very glad when they agreed to carpool and make turns with me.

We got up there a tad later than we probably wanted to, but I don't think it mattered much to any of us once we started skiing. It was pretty much all shit-eating grins and whooping and hollering while we tore up the fresh snow. We managed a couple trips through Heather Canyon before the avy danger closed it, but we pretty much found awesome stuff to ski in everywhere we went.

It's such a freakin' BLAST to ski with people who are genuinely having a great time, and Friday was a textbook example. If they put that sort of thing in textbooks. And they should.

My only gripe was that I didn't ski with a backpack, so wasn't carrying a proper camera. I could have taken some shots with my iPhone, but with the weather (it was snowing and pretty damn windy), I wasn't terribly interested in taking it out of my high-tech waterproof case (quart-sized ziploc freezer bag).

I was having too much fun to give a damn about counting runs, but we packed it in kind of on the early side. I was kind of relieved that B-news and NPG had to leave a little early to get their daughter out of daycare - it got me off the hook for having terrible endurance. While the knee has been holding up well most of the time, skiing all that powder was more and different work than I'd had to do for a full day all season. We were all getting fatigued by the last couple runs, though, as evidenced by the falling...

...which reminds me of why it's awesome to ski with people instead of solo. I had made a couple sweet turns in some untouched stuff on 1 Bowl when I let myself get bounced a little too far forward, causing my right ski tip to plunge. The ski felt like it dug in, and it definitely released (felt like I walked right out of it) when I fell. I swear it felt like the ski just stopped, so I asked NoPoGirl - who was above me - to help look for my ski. We didn't realize, until he held it up, that Barkernews had my ski. It had torpedoed underneath where I had fallen, and shot down the hill his direction. He pounced on it, saving me from having to search for it. I skied down to him on one ski, which was probably as stupid as it was impressive. Okay, not all that impressive. I fell twice, strangely (to me) when I was turning on it as my downhill ski. *shrug*

Anyway, it wasn't long afterward that we decided to call it a day and head home. It was an absolutely freakin' AWESOME day of skiing. I'll let one or the other of my fellow powderhounds from Friday decide whether or not the trip back to town gets any blog attention. ;-)