08 April 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, New Left ACL!

One year ago today, I started the long road back to skiing. A month before that, I had destroyed my left knee quite handily in a stupid little crash on the way out to check out Scotty's Way (AKA East Wall) at Ski Bowl. I won't go over the whole thing again - if you want to read that story, go here.

And I won't recount the story of the surgery, either. That's here, if you're interested. This blog turned into The Knee Show for a while there, so there's plenty to read if you're bored.

No, today's post is more about celebrating the journey. I've acknowledged the great people who helped me get back in the saddle, not just for skiing just for the fun of it, but to be back on the mountain making a difference as a ski patroller and a toboggan coach for the incoming patrollers. They know who they are, and I thank them silently every time I'm up there making turns. Heck, sometimes I thank them quite aloud. Like last Friday, when I was in Heather Canyon and thanked my orthopedist (Dr. Montgomery) while the Barkers and I were grinning like idiots after ripping up a pitch of knee-deep pow.

My Physical Therapist has mentioned to me a few times that my own diligence was as much a factor as anything she did for me during PT. So I guess, "Go, me!"

I also have to give a nod to the folks at Genesis Medical, who fitted me with my brace, and Bledsoe Brace Systems, who made it. Hopefully, I won't need it next season. The doc said I shouldn't have to. I imagine that since it didn't take too long to be skiing with confidence once I got back into it, that it won't take too long to be comfortable without the brace. We'll see.

Sure, there have been days where I thought it was going to take forever to get things feeling right, and some days on the mountain where I thought maybe I'd rushed back too soon, but I'm pleased with how things turned out. One of the somewhat surprising side effects of all this has been that I feel like my skiing has improved. In large part, this is due to all the balance work that Amanda had me doing in PT. I'm more body-aware, and skiing more focused than I ever did previously. Skiers, I highly recommend adding a good deal of balance work to whatever workout routine you're doing, if you aren't already. Get yourself a Bosu ball, and a 6"x36" foam roller, and use them. You'll be pleased with the results.

I don't, however, recommend blowing your ACL as motivation.


brando said...

Congrats on the benchmark for your wheel.

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