21 March 2010

Ski Day 20: Training in a Blizzard @ MHM

Yeah, it snowed at Meadows today. Quite a bit. And it was windy. Quite a bit windy. I had figured on having to go it alone coaching the apprentices today, but was pleasantly surprised to find a coach who happened to be patrolling up there willing to help me out. That was cool.

It was Andrew, who not only coached me when I was apprentice, but also hauled my sorry ass off the hill when I tore my ACL last March.

Other than fairly high winds and a lot of blowing snow, there isn't much to say about today. The guys all made good progress, and I have one guy that I'm sure is ready to test next week. Two others could probably pass, and the remaining guys still need some work.

The snow was awesome. We had to take a break from dragging sleds around to take a couple free runs on Rock Garden. Really really great - and untouched - snow. We'd have probably ventured into Heather Canyon if it wasn't such a time-consuming trip.

Weird thing of the day: my knee was painful the first time I sat in the back of one of the toboggans today. I was worried for a few minutes that I'd managed to re-injure it somehow, but once I got out of the sled at the bottom, it was fine. Felt fine the rest of the day.