09 January 2010

Ski Day 10: Mixed Weather at T-line

Timberline Lodge, from uphill.

Patrolling at Timberline seems to be such a mixed bag most of the time. For everything, not just the weather. I'm never really sure what's in store up there. My 8th patrol day of the season - last Sunday - seemed typically atypical. Weather seemed like it would rain, but the air temp was too cold for that, and then it was nearly socked in at the top of Mile during my bump shift - after a delayed start for the Mile lift, due to visibility.

I did my opening assignment with one other patroller over on Molly's lift, rounded up to Stormin' Norman, hung there for a bit, dealt with a near-miss of a case ("possible" injury, nobody to be found at location), then rounded up to Mile when it started loading.

When I got up there, the visibility was maybe 700 feet or so, which isn't really all that bad to ski in. I helped drag a sled out of the top building so we wouldn't have to wrestle it out of there if we had a case, and when I went to place it where we would stage it, I found a bamboo/rope line that had been just eaten up by a groomer cat. Half of it was buried so deep that I had to grab my avy shovel to dig it out.

The rest of the day was pretty much just skiing. I kept hearing about cases on the radio, but there was always someone else closer than I was who could respond. I did make sure I was in a position to respond with a sled if someone needed it, but all the ones I could have helped on ended up being snowmobile transports instead.

Looking out to the south. Mt. Jefferson to the right there. Loved the sky in this one.

I snapped some photos during the day as the weather changed, and posted them via Twitter/Facebook. Sweep seemed a little disjointed as well, but we got it all done without much confusion. Back up tomorrow for the first training day of the year for my team. Should be fun.


Patrick said...

great pictures! "I was never the closest one, so I just skied all day". You just stick to that story ;)

Snoring Prevention Device said...

nice pics!

Davej728 said...

Are those clearcuts in the photos?