16 December 2009

Ski Day 6: An Epic Couple Hours @ Meadows

My original plan for today was to ski all day at either Meadows or Ski Bowl. I'd have been flying solo, and while I don't mind doing it, I prefer to ski with people. So it was probably just as well that I stayed up way too late Tuesday night playing TF2 and woke up all kinds of late today, or I might not have had the chance to get some epic runs in with ski patrol pal and all-around-good-guy Barkernews. He'd basically been chomping at the bit to go ski, and wasn't going to be denied the freshies that we knew were up there. Sure glad NoPoGirl gave him the 'hall pass'.

So it was that sometime shortly after 5:30, we were on our way up to Meadows to go rip it up. I hadn't done any proper powder skiing since last season, so I was curious to see how that would go. I've been skiing with a lot more confidence the last few times out, so I figured the knee would handle it fine. I've had a little bit of patellar pain of late, so have been taking it a bit easy, but I felt pretty good today.

The drive up was pretty brutal with the snow and wind, but it didn't take us long to find a sweet powder stash that made it worth the trip. That we made 4 runs on it was so much the better. I was skiing pretty well, and rather comfortably until about the 5th run. I was getting pretty tired, but I knew I had a couple more in me, and we skied pretty much right up until closing time. It was only a couple hours, but we made them count. I might have gone a little too hard at the beginning, but I was having too much damn fun.

The Apache Outlaws once again proved to be a more than capable ski for everything - we found some fresh stuff that nobody had touched (oh MAN was it great), there was some tracked-up stuff, some groomed, and some kind of mushy corny stuff near the bottom. The skis just handle it all.

We packed it in probably just as they were letting the last people on the chair for the night, and I think we made the right choice instead of trying to squeeze in another run. Down the hill we went, stopping in Govy for a beer and a bite to eat. We definitely earned it. That was the most fun I've had skiing in a while.