20 November 2009

Ski Day 1: Back On The Horse @ T-line

So it took a stranger to send me a message on Facebook to remind me about this marginally interesting collection of ones and zeroes here on the ol' Interwebs, but here we go.

Ski season started for me last Saturday the 14th. Given how long I've been a skier, this isn't really news outside of a couple things:

1. It's the earliest start I've had since 1994

The first day back on the sticks since the ACL repair was pretty good, actually. I was skiing tentatively for the bulk of the morning, but got more and more comfortable as the day wore on. I started getting tired about 10 runs in, and decided to call it a day after 14. The day started out simply gorgeous, got a little cloudy around the middle of the day, then the sun re-appeared for the last couple runs.

I got to see and chat with some patrollers, including Barkernews and NoPoGirl, which was cool. Even got to see The Hizz. It was nice to just be out there again, doing something I love to do, even if I was flying solo. A little weird not to be in a red jacket, though. That starts for me a week from today. Next up is another day of 'me patrol', as I wanted to get another day of free-skiing in to see if I can handle more than 14 runs.

I already posted on Facebook, but huge thanks to my Ortho doc and my PT for fixing my left knee and helping get me back in action. I feel like I'm fully me again, now that I'm back on the horse.


brando said...


I'm glad the leg is working again, and that you're back in your element.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, Brando. It's good to feel whole again. Not just physically, there's a spiritual wholeness that comes from skiing, which had been missing since that fateful day in March.