07 May 2009

Knee Update: 1 Month Post-Op

Well, technically tomorrow marks the full month, but today was important enough not to wait. Besides, it's my blog and I get to choose which hairs I want to split.

Things have been going pretty well since the unwrapping and the follow-up a couple weeks back. PT is what it is, and happily that has been largely good. I'm working with Amanda again, so I have the level of comfort that goes along with knowing what to expect about my therapist's style/approach (she was my PT for the shoulder episode last summer/fall).

As with the shoulder, we're all about the stretching and range-of-motion work to start, and moving into proprioception and strengthening later. Today, I managed full revolutions on the bike, and actually got the thing up to 35+ RPM for a good bit. Did some walking around, some stretching, balance stuff, took some ROM measurements, all kinds of good stuff.

The funkiest thing was the "Purple Tool of Torture", which was esssentially this kind of scraper-looking thing. Amanda worked on the hamstrings with that and some nice warm gel, and it made a HUGE difference. Hopefully there'll be more of that, because it felt really good afterward.

Still have a lot of work to do, obviously, but Amanda is really pleased with my progress. Which means I am as well. ROM looks good (flex at 116 active, 118 passive; extension right at zero), motion looks good, strength is about where we expect it. The biggest thing about today was this: no more crutches.

I'll repeat.

No. More. Crutches.

I know, right? Awesome. I still have to be careful obviously, and I won't be doing any walkathons or anything for a good bit, but I'm very pleased. And I'm looking forward to the work I have ahead of me.