08 April 2009

Now That's The Knee Surgery Over, How Did It Go?

Quite well, in fact. Check-in got bumped way up to 8am, so the likelihood that Imight have to spend the night diminshed significantly. PPMC's Short-stay area was just recently moved, and it looks really nice. The check-in area looks almost like a nice hotel lobby. 

I figured I'd have time to haul out the iPod and listen to some podcasts before my name got called, but I was wrong. They got me all checked in very quickly, and it wasn't long at all before I'm getting my IV and having my knee shaved. Nice nurses, very efficient. No missed pokes for the IV.

Doc M. dropped in to talk some about the procedure and what he wants me to do/not do after. Handshake, see you afterward. The anesthesiologist was excellent, making sure we did something similar to my shoulder procedure that helped with the recovery nausea. The anesthesia starts dripping via IV, numbing shots to the hip, and I don't even remember getting the shot that did the nerve block.

Next thing I know, I'm in the recovery ward, getting some ice chips and nurses dropping by to check on me. I kept dozing off and basically forgetting to breathe, as I kept hearing polite voices: "C'mon, don't forget to breathe now." I had to really focus on deep breaths, and my throat wasn't nearly as dry or sore as it was for the shoulder repair last year.

Got moved to recovery room, water and crackers now, still a little light-headed. Dr. M dropped by to tell me how things went, and all sounded like it was a walk in the park. ACL graft looks good, did some work on the menisci, looking good. Handshake, thanks, see you next Friday. 

B comes in, and we hang out watching TV and munching on the saltines and sucking down ice water. Took a good while for the light-headedness to get to the point where I felt I could get up on the crutches, but I had to - I needed to use the bathroom. The timing was good, though, since it was about the time I was getting antsy to 'go' that the nurses came in to help me give the crutches a shot.

After an Austin Powers-style urination, I got back into bed, we hung out some more until the PT gal dropped by to go over the exercises and see how I'm getting around on the crutches. Exercises for now are simply quad-sets and heel slides, nothing major for now. Can't really do them until the block wears off.

More hanging around in recovery followed, and we finally got let out since I felt good-to-go. No nausea, pain under control thanks to the drugs, okay on crutches = discharge. Had a fun little wheelchair ride, then into the back of the Sorento for the ride home. 

Just been watching TV so far, now doing computer stuff. Taking the next couple days away from work to chill and use the CryoCuff. No GameReady system for me this time, but the cuff is lighter, simpler, and I own it now. :)


Ryan said...

Glad the surgery went well. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Dorr said...

I'll raise a glass to a speedy recovery. That's pretty good your knee has its own Twitter name!

Tailwag said...

What no Pics.....man Im disappointed!
Hey did you fill out your absentee ballot!!
Take care and let us know what we can do for you

Dyanne said...

Hi--I am having ACL reconstruction in June, and I have been scouring the Internet looking for information. I found your blog and wondered if you would mind sharing more information about your surgical decisions and your recovery process. Did you go with the patellar tendon, the hamstring tendon, or the cadaver tissue? How much range of motion do you have now? What is your predicted comeback percentage? (80 percent? 100 percent?) I am a very active high school English teacher and professional dancer/co-director for an NBA team. I am worried about being able to dance 100% after this surgery. Not that I have a choice--I certainly can't dance now. I have a sprained MCL, sprained LCL, torn ACL, torn meniscus and a bone bruise. I am not a happy camper...

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