12 April 2009

Knee Update: Unwrapped

Today was finally the day I got to take the wraps off my surgically repaired left knee. It felt good to air the poor thing out, as it was feeling very itchy and uncomfortable under the dressings. The bonus was that I got to take a proper shower as well, which felt fantastic. 

My first follow-up with Dr. M is on Friday, and hopefully that will mean I'll have some other things to share, like maybe pics from the scope and/or some MRI goodies. Here are today's pictures:

Full battle dress uniform - immobilizer, Cryo/Cuff port exposed.

Cryo/Cuff and pretty elastic wrapping...

Still looks like a nicely wrapped package...

There was a layer of cottony stuff, much of which is still stuck to the leg here, as I peel off the gauze pad. Sprung a little leak, it appears...

Still have some of the fuzz on, but here it is. I did finally get it all off of there before the shower.

You can follow my left knee's Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing: http://twitter.com/mikesleftknee


Major Clanger said...

I liked the writing. What does it say "cut here"? :-)

Ghost Dog said...

I think those are actually the doc's initials.

Ska 4U! said...

We at Ska 4U tip our hats to your recovery!

How many Samurai flicks have you watched in the process?
I grew up on Mifune and Kurasawa films. In fact being half Japanese, my mother named me after one of the greatest ronins of all time.