08 March 2009

Ski Day 12: Dammit Dammit Dammit

Well, the day started out well enough. My other coach and I got our 6 apprentices wrangled over to Ski Bowl, there was tons of fresh snow, and the sun was even threatening to make an appearance.

I sent all the apprentices off with regular patrollers to help with the opening assignments, and figured I'd just take whatever special project came up, or if there wasn't one, go find some freshies. The 'special assignment' du jour was shoveling the snow-steps down to the Rescue Center. The patroller who'd called it in to me was thinking I'd make some poor apprentice do it, but they were already assigned, and I wanted them on the hill learning the opening assignments - not shoveling snow.

I finished the steps, and decided to go out and check the east wall ("Scotty's Way"). I got a little Tree Patrol in on the way over, but ended up a little lower than I planned, so had to hike a little ways uphill to make the traverse entry to head out to Scotty's. The traverse has a lot of very bumpy sections, and as anyone who's skied it knows, you have to keep the knees loose and absorb it all, or try and hop the ones that are too close together.

I got to a spot where I felt like I needed to hop one that was too close, and...well, I didn't land it correctly. I was too far back on my tails, and my left knee made the sound of celery being twisted when I hit.

I laid in a heap briefly, in a good deal of pain, cursing that as well as the fact that I should have known better than to get back the way I did. I failed the first attempt to stand up, but succeeded at the second. Testing the knee, it felt horrilby unstable laterally. I knew I'd have to call for a sled, but I felt like I could kind of ski out of where I was as long as I kept the knee flexed and tight, then turn to my left and traverse on my good leg. So I "called in fire on my own position" and got hauled down the hill.

After filling out my own form and getting some ice, I called B to tell her I'd be home early, and why that was. After that, I pulled my lunch out of my backpack and ate, while figuring out how to get home. All my stuff - and the Sorento - was over on the other side of the area, so I ended up having a fellow patroller go over and get my stuff and drive the Sorento over, so I could pack it in and go home.

A buddy from my OEC class was up skiing, and he dropped by the aid room just in time to help me get my stuff to the Sorento. The drive home was pleasant, despite the knee pain - I'd never seen how the trees looked in mid-day sun with all the snow on them. It's always dark when I drive to/from the mountain on a patrol day.

Anyway, I got home, dumped all my stuff off, and had B take me to urgent care. The wait was only an hour 45 or so, and I left with a nice black neoprene immobilizer and a shiny new pair of crutches. I figure I'll push to get an MRI as soon as it's practical to do so. If this thing needs repair, I want it done sooner rather than later, and if I just have to take some time off and then ski with a brace for the rest of the season, I want to know that ASAP as well.


Izzy said...

Ugh... sorry to hear about that. I hope it's nothing serious, and heals up well.

Kelly said...

Hang in there!!!! So sorry, that totally stinks! :( Take care of you!

Tailwag said...

YIKES!!! Know the feeling well- like the celery comment!! RICE, RICE, RICE

Get better!

Dorr said...

Damn, that downright sucks. I wish you for the best for a speedy recovery.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, y'all. It's improved considerably, to the point where it can bear some weight. Still going to have an MRI as soon as possible, though. Gotta know what's going on in there.

Ryan said...

Just now trying to get caught up on my feed reading and noticed this post. That sucks, dude. Hope it's minor enough that you can get back up on that mountain again soon.

Ghost Dog said...

Been tempted to just tape the hell out of it and roll the dice what with all the recent snow, but the last injury I tried to tough out required surgery.