03 March 2009

Ski Day 11: Coaching At Meadows

Our training sign, near the top of 3-D.

Yeah, yeah, so I'm finally getting around to this on a Tuesday night. I don't get paid for this; I'll write when I feel like it. :)

Anyway, Sunday was my first day on the mountain after the epic dumpage of snow the previous week. While I was glad to be up there, I really was disappointed in myself for not taking a day off last week for a little 'Me Patrol'. But, the snow was fantastic, and thankfully we didn't get rained on too much.

We got a slightly later start than I'd hoped, but we finally wrangled the apprentices together and rounded up the carpool to Meadows just after 7. It was cloudy and a little windy, and we were expecting snow. We got it, and so on goes the pack cover. There wasn't much for us to do to help the rest of the patrollers with opening, so we did what little we were asked to do, and started off towards Shooting Star for training.

Apprentices prepare for a training run.

We began with some free-skiing on the runs we'd be running sleds on, so the gang could get familiar with the slope, then started right in on running sleds. The team made some decent progress, but they still all want to let their inside/uphill shoulder wander uphill instead of keeping their shoulders square to the fall line. They're going to get tired of me telling them to work on that, but I don't care - they need to get it right.

Next week, we're back at Ski Bowl. I want to get the group working on some more fundamentals, so I'm going to line up some different drills to run them through. Hopefully, they'll get it and it will translate to their toboggan handling.