30 March 2009

Knee Update: MRI Review, Surgery Scheduled

I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon today. Went over the MRI and X-ray results, and I was actually a little surprised to see that it wasn't as bad as I had expected.

However, the ACL will need to be repaired. I had no doubt about that. What was surprising was there was less damage to the other structures of the knee than I figured, so in that respect there was some good news. The lateral meniscus was difficult to assess on the MRI, but we'll take care of all of that stuff when we get in there. 

I'd rather not have to be going through all of this, but at least I have people I trust working for me on this. The guy who did my shoulder last summer is going to do my knee, and he's done loads of repairs like the one I'm going in for. My PT will most likely be the same one who helped me rehab the shoulder, so I know what to expect from post-op PT. 

Surgery is next Wednesday afternoon (April 8th). Next post will probably be after that, pumped full of painkillers. :)


brando said...

Good luck, good sir. I hope it goes well and they get it all repaired.

Ghost Dog said...


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