11 March 2009

Knee Update: I-Day Plus 3

Well, the swelling in the left knee has diminished considerably, thanks to rest/ice/compression/elevation, and 1500mg/day of Salsalate. I'm not in constant pain like I was on Monday.

It will bear weight, but I'm trying not to push that envelope too much. I can't fully extend it, and can only flex it to about 70 or so degrees without pain. The motion I do have seems smooth and comfortable, so that's encouraging, but attempting to walk on it without the neoprene brace is uncomfortable at best.

It still feels laterally unstable, and also feels like I could hyperextend it rather easily. The kneecap isn't loose or anything, and I can't really detect any laxity in the limited tests I've tried on my own. We'll see what my ortho doc has to say about all that whenever I get the chance to go see him. I'm waiting for the insurance company to approve my MRI request before I schedule that, and I'm not sure if I want to schedule an appointment with my ortho doc without the MRI done.

Hopefully, I will hear back tomorrow about the MRI approval and get that scheduled ASAP.