08 February 2009

Ski Day 9: No Cover, No 4WD, No Pix

Finally, I am back in the groove (I hope) for sled-coaching.

Today was off to Ski Bowl with my gang of apprentices and guest coach, to finally get in a proper day with my team. It was shaping up to be a no-cover day, and the roads were clear and dry on the way up to the mountain, so no need to flip the 4WD switch.

Damn shame my camera battery was dead. No hat-trick.

On the up side, it was a fantastic day to train. The snow was nice and hard on the upper bowl, which made it excellent for sideslipping and edge-setting drills. We did some carved turns to start, however, on the nicely groomed Canyon. I've noticed this season I have a propensity for sitting back a little on my skis on my first real run of the day, so my turns are crappy, but today I think I finally started the day right. My demonstration turns for the apprentices felt perfect.

The only thing that bothered me today was my lower back, which I had tweaked a bit Friday night while trying to coax our 128-lb Great Dane into the bathtub (Kingston was a stinky puppy and he had a vet appointment Saturday morning). But even with things not entirely right with my lower back, skiing felt fine.

The sideslipping/edge-setting drills went fairly well. I suppose it'll just come with some more time, but some of them were having a lot of trouble catching on with the whole keeping-the-shoulders-square-to-the-fall-line thing, so maybe they just need to keep at it. I did give them some things to think about and work on off the hill, so maybe that'll help.

We had them running sleds today, and they looked pretty comfortable on the easy runs. Some of them seemed to be applying what we worked on in the morning, so that was nice to see. Hopefully, that continues.

Things warmed up as the clouds rolled in, so the snow was getting a little softer by the afternoon. I led a small group on the peak hike portion of the Outback sweep, hoping maybe the snow out there was decent.

It wasn't. Well, it was decent enough, I guess. The upper part was firm, but skiable, and I actually enjoyed the turns up top. But the Black Label Pitch was a nasty little chatter-fest. But we got through it and the trip out the Log Road was actually not as bad as I'd expected. Back up top to drag the training sleds back to the Palace, and then it was time to sign the apprentices' training sheets.

I wrapped up my day with some more coaches' paperwork at the Govy building, faxed it off, and headed for home. Hopefully, we get a heap of new snow. They could use it up there, and the apprentices need some nice slop to train in. Like I had.


Dorr said...

A 128-pound puppy. I have got to see Kingston compared to Pheebs.

Tailwag said...

Dude, plug that battery in, OK?!
;-) jj