31 January 2009

Ski Day 8: Another No-Cover Day

After missing last week with a cold (that still lingers, but at least I can move and think and stuff as of last week), I got back on the hill yesterday. It worked out that the Saturday team at T-flats needed a coach, so I swapped so I could stay home today and watch my Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.

Despite being fairly cold and rather windy, the sun made an appearance and it was a beautiful day. I'd post photos, but I didn't take any. The camera battery was dead. Too bad, too - there was a really cool-looking cloud I wanted to show y'all. And the view of Jefferson above the clouds from Mile was nice.

It was an interesting day up there, as it didn't take long for the injuries to mount. As a training group, we didn't get in on any cases, but I got one just trying to grab a sled to transport it back out on the hill. I had a walk-up, a snowboarder with a scrape on his chin from a fall. Patched him up and he went back out on the hill with a big-ass piece of gauze taped to his chin. Other than the abrasion, he was fine.

But it was a MASH unit in the first aid room. Seemed like all snowboarders in there, which was no surprise to me, given the rather firm snow. I did finally get a sled packed up and took an apprentice - actually, a patroller making the jump from Associate to Hill (sled-driver) - with me to haul the sled over to the lift, and he got some practice uploading a sled.

I missed out on a lot of coaching in the afternoon, as I was given a project to do by one of the paid patrollers. I had to go find some brand new tower pads and replace a couple ratty ones on Molly's. We had replaced them earlier, but the head coach for the day grabbed the wrong kind of pads (the ones for sign-posts). I couldn't really blame him, as it turned out those pads were the only new ones there were. I ended up putting the two least crappy pads back out on the hill.

Sweep was fairly uneventful, except for the two snowboarders we had to help down the hill. It was a boyfriend/girlfriend couple, and they'd decided to take their boards off and walk down the hill. One of the paid patrollers was driving the snowmobile and offered one of them a ride. We assumed it was the girlfriend that needed the ride and the guy could snowboard (this is usually the case - guy takes girlfriend snowboarding for the first time, she gets tired, yadda yadda), but it turned out that she was the more skilled rider (but not by much), so the guy gets a ride and I have to ski with the girlfriend to make sure they get on the lift before we close it up. The run was pretty flat, so I ended up having to give her a tow with one of my poles.