14 January 2009

Ski Day 7: Training In The Rain

More blogslackery from me, this time fewer days late than last time. Lots of other things going on that are more important than blogging, one of which only a few of you know about, and I'll leave it at that. Maybe it might be time to think about Twitter.

Sunday I was back on the hill, this time at Timberflats, taking a new group of apprentices through some skiing drills and evaluating their skill level to see where they'll land in terms of their training teams for the patrol.

I knew we were in for rubbish weather, given the forecast, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I carpooled from Govy up to T-flats with the other two trainers, and we talked a little about what our strategy was.

After the morning meeting and our own little briefing, we set out in groups to help out with opening assignments. I had 3 guys with me, and we helped open up Molly's. We didn't get as much done as I'd hoped before we had to re-join the others, but it was enough. They were all tying clove hitches by the end of it. Hopefully, they'll remember how for next time.

Once we re-joined the rest of the training group, it was time to put them through their paces to see who our 'rock stars' were, and who would be a 'project'. We only had one ex-racer, but the rest were decent skiers, with a couple exceptions. It was kind of fun 'showing off' (demonstrating the maneuvers), and we did get a good look at everyone. We got quite a few drills done before lunch, and since the weather basically sucked, we gave a few folks the option to spend the bulk of the afternoon in the first aid room to learn how things operate in there.

More drills in the afternoon, then sweep. Things were fairly unremarkable, until I checked my phone during sweep - Steelers 28, Chargers 10. Oh hell yes. It was 35-17 good guys by the time I got done with sweep and we were having a mini-debrief at the cafeteria. Few better ways to end a patrol day than finding out my Steelers would be advancing to the AFC Championship Game.

We went to Charlie's for beer and de-brief, and us coaches went over our apprentice teams. I had a soda, courtesy of one of the apprentices, since I couldn't have a beer, but it was still a good capper on the day. I was beat, though - it's hard work showing off on skis all day. :)


goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Tailwag said...

Didnt have a beer? Hope all is ok..Jodie

Ghost Dog said...

Yep, all is okay, J. I bet, with your background, that you could work out why an otherwise healthy guy would be forbidden beer or any alcohol. ;)

Dorr said...

All is ok when Cardinals get stomped, ripped, shredded, bulldozed by the Steelers on February 1.

Ghost Dog said...

I'll drink to that, Dorr. Now that I can again. :)