05 January 2009

Ski Day 6: No Pack Cover?

Whoa...I completely slacked off on posting about Sunday's patrol day. I'm going to back-date this post, but I'm owning up to my slackitude here and now. First full week back at work followed my first patrol day of the new year, plus a lot of Guitar Hero: World Tour with B (so much fun!) and some other stuff chewed up a lot of time I could have spent blogging. Anyway...

Sunday was the first patrol day this season where I didn't have to put on my patrol pack's cover - no precipitation! It was, however, very windy and quite cold, so getting into sled packs for inspection in the morning was challenging with the frozen straps.

After finishing up my opening assignment, I headed up to RC to warm up a little, then headed off to do the rope line on Skyline and the Upper Surprise closure. I was skiing toward the bottom of the upper bowl lift when a bystander alerted me to an injured snowboarder some 300 feet away and a little ways uphill of the bottom of the lift. I called in to RC that I was checking it out, but expected to need a sled, given I'd been told it was a knee injury. I figured I'd get there first if I hiked, so I did.

My sorry out-of-shape ass got up to the injured 'boarder pretty quick, and I did the assessment, called for the sled, yada yada. It was pretty windy, so we worked quickly to get her bundled into the sled and head down the hill. Another case I didn't get to drive the sled, despite my best attempts to convince my 2nd-responder that I should do it. We got her to the first aid room, did some more to make her more comfortable and immobilize the knee, finished the paperwork, and headed back up.

After that, I had lunch, warmed up, and met up with a guy who was interested in joining the patrol. He couldn't make next week's tryouts, and I was asked by the sled-training director to give him a ski evaluation. He was a solid telemark skier, needing some minor technical improvements, but I thought he was definitely skilled enough to handle sled training without any trouble. Turned out he's patrolled elsewhere, so my evaluation was pretty much a formality.

We finished the evaluation and decided to explore the rest of the mountain, which led us over to the east side of the area. I was going to ski a little with him over on Cascade, when I got notified of another injury at the base of Multorpor. I parted ways with the 'recruit', and responded to the case - another 'boarder with a shoulder injury. Assessment indicated a probable subluxation, so into a sling he goes and off we go to the first aid room. Wrapped that one up and finally assumed my post at Cascade. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, and I headed home. Pretty good day, and to finish it without being soaked was doubly satisfying.


Tailwag said...

Not only are you slacking but void of photos!!
If not of the mtn, then lets see the pups together,,,, or not! Glad you had good weather.