22 January 2009

Had To Skip This Weekend

No ski patrolling for me this past (Conference Championship) weekend. Bit of a bummer, too, as the weather looked to be what I'm calling "no-cover weather" this season, meaning it looked like the kind of day I wouldn't have to use my pack cover.

But, there was a damn good reason for it. Those in the know, know, and I'm not gonna say any more on the subject. And I was happy to have to take the weekend off from going to the hill for the reason that I did.

The only thing that really sucked was not having power at the house nearly all of Sunday. I missed the first half and most of the 3rd quarter of the Steelers' AFC Championship win over the hated Ratbirds. I'm finally posting a little about it, now that I've seen the whole game (thanks, NFL Network). I have to say, it was everything I expected from a heated rivalry and a conference championship. I think I might have strained a calf and/or a quad jumping off the sofa when Troy Polamalu intercepted that pass and scored the touchdown that sealed it. Glad to see that the Ravens' RB McGahee is okay. Brutal hit.

I'm stoked to see my guys back in the big dance. Good for the Cardinals, too, for getting there. They've had quite a playoff drought. Whisenhunt has done some great things out there in the desert, but I think the Rooneys made the right choice in Tomlin. Should be a great game. Go Steelers!


brando said...

That Polamalu catch was pretty darn good. That guy is an astonishing athlete.