14 December 2008

Ski Day 2: Blizztastic at Timberflats

I guess Mother Nature woke up. Saturday, I had another opportunity to get a second ski day in, and the weather obliged. It was a windy and snowy drive up to Government Camp, with the snow starting as I reached Sandy. The road was quite covered by the time I got into the Brightwood area, and there were several inches on the ground in Govy. I hung around the patrol building to see if anyone wanted to carpool up from there to Timberline. One of the other coaches, Matt, offered to drive me up, so I rode up with him.

It was windy, cold, and snowing like crazy up there, and I couldn't have been happier about it. We were doing our coaches' calibration, where we get all the toboggan coaches together to get ourselves on the same page with coaching techniques and the such. We spent the morning in the Barlow Room at the main (historic) Timberline Lodge, talking about all of the processes/procedures and such for how we're going to train our new patrollers.

The afternoon, we worked on some on-hill stuff, going through the basic stance and other fundamentals, and even working on some sled stuff. I got to do a brief stretch on the tail rope, my first time getting hands on a sled since the shoulder repair. It felt good, and I'm pretty confident that I'll be fine coaching and patrolling this season.

I didn't get any pictures taken, except for a couple of the Sorento after getting back to Govy. But it was a good day.

This was how much it snowed in Govy from about 7am to about 3:45pm.

And today? Well, today was kind of awesome. We got up relatively early to find that it had snowed some overnight and was continuing to come down. The dogs got to enjoy it briefly, before we put them back in the house so we could go out and get some shopping done. The snow wasn't deep yet, but the idiots who can't drive in it were out there. The best part of it all was that there weren't many people shopping, so we weren't fighting large crowds at any of the places we went.

We noticed a news van over near Gresham Station, and without a logo on it, I wasn't sure what station it was. I saw a tall, lanky fella in a blue coat and familiar-looking beanie cap, so I had Beck swing closer to see if it was someone I knew, and it was! Barkernews and his crew were out there from KATU doing their part to cover the snowstorm. We chatted briefly, and then proceeded to finish our shopping. I was on the phone with my mom at the time - today was my folks' 40th anniversary - so I had to pass the phone to Beck while I chatted with B-news. I had a good chat with the folks, as well.

I called my bro Jim afterward, and sounds like the poor kid messed up his knee again. Hopefully he called Mom & Dad as well.

We were hoping to get our tree today, but didn't. Maybe sometime mid-week. But we're running out of time...


Dorr said...

What did Kingston think about all the white stuff?

Ghost Dog said...

He loves it so far. He chased down a snowball I threw, and ate part of it before chasing after Phoebe.