22 December 2008

More Good Deeds

We got a call from my sis-in-law (B's youngest) after I got done helping out the neighbors, and so off we went to Troutdale to pick her up and take her to Freddy's to get some dog food and other stuff. The roads are completely snow-covered, and many side streets just have the packed ruts from people driving - and the ruts are anywhere from 4"-8" deep. Needless to say, there were plenty of vehicles stuck in the intersections of main roads and side streets. Most of that was made worse by the plows, which had left piles in those intersections, as they haven't plowed any side streets.

Anyway, we took care of the sis-in-law's errands, dropped by Home Depot (no shovels and no de-icer), and rolled on home. When we got to our turn, there was a green Explorer stuck in the intersection, so we did a loop around and came into our neighborhood from the back way. We almost got stuck in one spot, but the Sorento's 4-wheel-drive and the great tires I got last year grabbed just enough traction to get past the deep spot we were in, and we made it home.

I could see the Explorer hadn't moved, so I grabbed my shovel and headed out to help. We got them pretty well dug out, and then a pickup came by and pulled them clear of the intersection. I was going to dig out the deep stuff at the intersection when I noticed two things - one, they were stuck again at the next intersecion past my house; and two, I was getting tired and sore. I decided to help the folks in the Explorer again, and call it a day.

Next time we have another big-time storm, I might just rent a Bobcat or something for a month or so.


Larry said...

Good job. Take care of old people.

brando said...

Good citizenship award to you.