17 December 2008

I Asked For It

Cell phone shot out the 2nd-floor window at work. Pretty good accumulation going so far.

Yeah, all that snow? That was me. I poked the bear. I'm the one who blogged that Mother Nature needed to get her shit together and start making with the white stuff.

And we're getting it. Boy howdy.

The best part? I'm going to get to patrol at Ski Bowl this weekend. Sounds like I will have the chance to give a ski evaluation on a potential new patrol recruit. Should be fun.

It's made things a little wonky around work, though. Meetings getting rescheduled, people working from home, etc. Today, I took the MAX in, first to my (last) physical therapy appointment, then on to work. The shuttle wasn't running, so I walked part of the way and got a ride from a co-worker.

It's with somewhat mixed feelings that I'm finished with PT. I'm not done done, just no more visits to the clinic. I still have to stretch and strengthen, but I'm in a place where I can do it all on my own. However, I'll kinda miss my therapist, who has been just awesome. She's had two shoulder surgeries as well, and that along with her skill and personality has made this shoulder repair/rehab journey a much better experience than the last one. I have one simple recommendation to anyone who needs to rehab any sort of surgical repair - find a PT who has had the same or similar injury/surgery. They know exactly what you're going through, and have all the tricks and tips you can imagine for a quality rehab. Plus, they won't let you 'cheat' when you're measuring progress. :)
Thanks, A!