22 December 2008

Did I Move Back To Vermont?

This is easily the most snow I've seen at the house since we moved in 10 years ago. Not only are we pretty much assured of a properly white Christmas, it's beginning to look a lot like back home. Kinda wish I had that old snowblower that Dad used to use to clear the driveway. I'd be a huge hit with the elderly neighbors. As it was, I helped a neighbor shovel a path from her garage out to the street (still not plowed), and then together we went out and did the same for a few of the older/disabled neighbors. I'm sore, but I feel great about it.

As for our driveway, I had things completely shoveled between both vehicles, and out to the ruts in the snow on the street. But that was yesterday. Today, I had to re-do much of that work, but gave up on clearing the spot between both vehicles. I might go do that later.

Here's some shots to give you an idea of the volume of snow we're dealing with...

Ok, now I know that wasn't covered when we tucked in for the night...

Taking a break from digging out. Pretty deep pile forming near the recycle bin.

Hip-deep! That's not piled from me shoveling, either. That's just drifted. The shallowest bit of the yard is still a good 6" or more.