30 November 2008

Ski Day...Oh Wait...Nope...

High winds conspired against me Saturday, robbing me of my second ski day of the season. I got all the way up to the patrol room at Timberflats before finding out that we weren't going today. I helped call a few folks to spread the word, probably barely early enough to save them the drive up the Timberline road. We sat around and BSed for a while, then left. It's just as well. Not only was it windy as hell, it was rainy and crappy, and they'd lost some snow since last time up. Not a recipe for a fun day of patrolling.

I ended up coming home, helping B take care of a flat tire on the Jeep, doing some grocery shopping, then meeting some friends at Skyland for the "Civil War" game. Pretty fun time.

Friday, I had a visit with my physical therapist, and while the shoulder had tightened up a bit, she wasn't concerned. Sounds like we'll do at least one more visit, if not a second. Just need to keep up with the stretching and strengthening. I go back and see her the middle of next month.

I have to say, from start to near-finish, this shoulder procedure and rehab has been an excellent experience from a patient care standpoint. All the way from the MRI through the surgery, the initial recovery and throughout PT, the people and the care have been outstanding. Big thanks to the folks at Orthopedic Specialists and the Providence Portland Medical Center's rehab clinic at the Plaza.


Larry said...

Sucks when you make the trip only to find conditions are so bad you can't or don't want to ski. Happened a couple of times at Smuggs.