23 November 2008

Ski Day 1: Back In The Saddle @ Timberflats

Ahh, the ol' mountain. Paid patroller Brian in the foreground.

I'm so damn out of shape. But the sore I feel already is the best kind of sore, earned from making turns on the mountain. Today was the first day patrolling for me this season, and the first day doing really much of anything remarkable since the shoulder repair.

It was a gorgeous day up there, except for some of the hard icy stuff up top. I was pleased to get to patrol with some great people, among them Barkernews and NoPoGirl. I was most pleased that NoPoGirl's first day back on snow was the same as mine - this meant that I'm not a huge wuss. :)

Check me out in my new $119 Oakley goggles. I paid $38 for them. Tramdock.com wins! (Shot by NoPoGirl)

A wistful look at Ski Bowl. C'mon, Mother Nature, get crackin'. More snow please!

The day started out slow, then just after lunch, things started happening. I was supposed to first-respond to a case on the lower Mile Canyon, but the combination of being told it was on Otto Lang (uhhh...WTF? How...?) and my slow skiing caused me to arrive after a couple other patrollers. A 'boarder got caught up in the ungroomed snow on the edge of the trail and hip-checked a rock. He was a pretty tough customer, clearly in a lot of pain, so we padded up a backboard and strapped him in so we could get him down with a minimum of movement. I didn't get to drive the sled, which was probably wise anyway. He wasn't a big guy, so I bet I'd have been fine, except perhaps if I had to pull the sled uphill. I wanted to play around a little with an empty sled to see how I'd fare, but didn't really have the chance.

There were several other cases, but I was only involved in the one. Most importantly, I didn't become one myself. My legs are much more sore than my shoulder.


Larry said...

Hard Icy stuff????

Boy you were raised on hard icy stuff. You need to get back east to refine your boilerplate technique. Sharp edges and a hard edge set.

Ghost Dog said...

I can ski it, I just don't have to like it. :)

Larry said...

When in doubt, straighten 'm out.

Still have your sweatshirt?

Neither do I. Last I skied was at Hood with you.

Ryan said...

Looks beautiful up there, and glad you're back up and at it.

outdoorspro said...

Yep, Brian is still one Ugly guy! Whew!