01 October 2008

Shoulder Progress, By The Numbers

So, I don't really remember where I started, but let's just say that immediately following surgery, I couldn't really move the shoulder much at all. And of course, I wasn't supposed to. I didn't have much range-of-motion even a couple weeks post-op. But so far, here's where I'm at, roughly 8 weeks post-op:

Flexion: Active - 135°, Passive 145°(I think I started PT at maybe 90°)
Abduction: Active - 105°, Passive 123° (I don't think I could get any more than 35-40° when I started PT)
Internal Rotation (at 45° abduction): Active - 58°, Passive - 63° (this was also quite poor when I started PT)
External Rotation (at 45° abduction): Active - 45°, Passive - 50°(I think I started with about 10°. Probably less.)

There's still a lot of work to be done, but I really like where I'm at and the rate I'm progressing. And, perhaps just as importantly, my physical therapist is pleased. Hopefully my orthopedist will be as well.