13 September 2008

Shoulder Stuff and Other Things Nobody Will Read

Well, this week was the first full week of actual physical therapy on the shoulder. Today marks about 5 and a half weeks since the surgery, and my therapist says things are progressing very well. She's haid a pair of surgeries on her right shoulder, so I'd say she's got a good handle on what I'm dealing with. We've been just doing mostly stretching and some massage, working on getting range-of-motion back and breaking down some of the scar tissue. I can already feel the lump underneath the middle of the 3 front incisions is now almost gone. Compared to the '96 ordeal, this has been a walk in the park. Not a lot of painful and frightening popping and sharp pain...well, really none at all this time around. Next week, I get to start working on some light strengthening work to go along with the stretching. I'm still guarding it a lot, so my therapist has to keep reminding me to relax. That part's just like last time...except last time was more like an order, and it was followed by more forceful stretching and the popping and pain. I'm excited about how well things are progressing. Hopefully I get to ditch the sling altogether in a couple weeks.

A little rewind - Tuesday's commute home got a little interesting at the Goose Hollow stop. Some guy was absolutely flipping the hell out at two other passengers. The nutter was white or maybe a light-complected hispanic guy, and he was just hurling racist insults at a couple of black passengers. This guy then started in on the other passengers, cussing at the top of his lungs at pretty much anyone he saw. It was comical for a moment, but when another passenger suggested he leave because he was scaring some of the children on the train, he got even more agitated. F everybody, apparently, and the kids too. I thought about exiting the train - the last thing I need is my repair job getting messed up from some f-nut on the train - but I stayed put as 4 or 5 other passengers basically removed the crazy dude from the train.
The train operator must have called the police, as it wasn't maybe a couple minutes after the loony had been removed from the train and restrained by other passengers that the police arrived. And it wasn't just the cops. A fire truck with paramedics also showed up, and I saw one of the medics preparing a needle, so I assume they gave him a sedative. He needed it, no doubt. They also had some SERIOUS zip-ties for the guy, and they got him on a gurney and took him away.
I have to say, the guy's two 'primary targets' were remarkably calm in the face of a furious barrage of racist insults from this f-nut. Kudos to them for not escalating things, and to the helpful passengers and the MAX operator.

I don't have any new Kingston pictures, but the little fella is getting BIG. His paws are positively massive, and he's as tall at the shoulders as Phoebe is. If I can ever get them to sit or stand still side-by-side long enough, I'll get a shot so y'all can see.


Dorr said...

Good luck keeping a young pup sitting still.

Major Clanger said...

Wow - that sounds like a pretty scary commute. Nice to see that some people decided to do the right thing.