18 September 2008

The Repaired Shoulder @ 6 Weeks

Yesterday's PT session marked the 6-week mark from the shoulder repair, and things continue to progress quite well. My therapist continues to be pleased with how well my range-of-motion is improving, and now we're getting into 'pre-strengthening'.

That means, for one thing, that I got to start working with the arm bike. I got started on it a little ahead of my appointment, since I arrived early. Apparently, both the aide who got me started and I missed the comment in my records about starting off at 35 RPM - I did what the screen on the machine told me and got going at 50-70 RPM. Oops. I was a little sore afterwards, but it wasn't painful to go that fast, so that was good.

We added some more isometrics to my daily PT work, so it's starting to be more of a time-sink now. As far as pain goes, I haven't taken any meds in a long time, and usually just icing the shoulder after my exercises is all I've had to do. Internal rotation is so far the only motion that is uncomfortable from the start, but it sounds like that is expected, given my repair type and where I'm at. Extension so far has the greatest range, and shoulder abduction feels like it's comfortable through the range until the elbow starts getting close to shoulder level.

2 more weeks of 2x/week PT is in store for me, and hopefully October 2nd is the day I'll be rid of my sling for good.