27 September 2008

Blogslackery: Catching Up - Chair Assault, Shoulder Progress

I meant to post last week, really I did. What I wanted to do was post about my chairlift evacuation training experience with the patrol, and another shoulder update. I only got a couple of decent shots of the evac, as it was pretty miserable.

I suppose I'll do all that anyway. Back on the 21st, B dropped me off at the Sandy Starbucks to meet up with some fellow Ski Patrollers to carpool up to lift evac training (or what I call "Chair Assault School"). We had quite a group, and it was pretty cool to see a lot of us 'doing our part for the environment'. It was more cool to share a ride up to the hill with some old OEC/sled-training mates, some of whom I hadn't seen since maybe April.

The weather sucked. I should have gone up the weekend that Barkernews and NoPoGirl went up - they had MUCH better weather.

As for what the hell I was doing up there only just over 7 weeks post-op? Well, it's a requirement. And I got sort of a 'gimme' this time around - I only had to observe the evac procedures. But, since I'm doing as well as I am, I decided to go ahead and participate in the avalanche transceiver practice, some of the knot-tying stuff, and watch some of the low-angle rope-rescue stuff. Tromping around in the crappy weather was only made better by the company and the fact that it appeared that the runs had been mowed, so my legs weren't soaked from all the walking around the area. Apart from the weather, and answering the "what the hell did you do to yourself" questions fifty-plus times, it really wasn't all that bad.

And there were burgers and dogs and beer afterwards. I brought my stretching stick up as well, so I could keep doing my range-of-motion work.

Speaking of which, I'm happy to report that my progress check on Wednesday was very positive. I'm well beyond 130 degrees of extension, and creeping up on 50 degrees external rotation. My therapist is pleased with the other progress indicators, which I won't bore you with. More and more stuff gets added to my PT to-do list, but I'm determined to get the shoulder ready to go and only miss maybe the first few weekends of the ski season.


brando said...

The sling comes off tomorrow?!

Ghost Dog said...

That is my hope. Given that I'm 8 weeks post-op, and my current active and passive range-of-motion, I can't imagine being stuck with it any longer.

And really, since my last visit with the Ortho doc, it's only been a 'wear it when you're out and about' kind of deal anyway.