09 August 2008


Uh huh, it does say "yes". They wrote "no" on the other one. Not pictured is another incision on the back side.

Took the wraps off the shoulder yesterday. Still can't take a shower yet, but at least I got a sponge bath in, and got to straighten the arm out a little. Tomorrow starts 'program 2' on the Game Ready unit, where we add some pressure to the ice. I still have to use the pain medication, but it's starting to get farther between. Haven't slept a full night without having to get up and take some, but things are improving.

Oh, and to make up for the photo above, here's a shot of Kingston. His paws are getting almost as big as Phoebe's are...

I loved how he left a little paw print in the microfiber of the couch.


Dorr said...

I'm glad to hear your operation went well. Wish you the best in speedy recovery.

Awesome job on the Kingston photo! Just amazing. I love the light and color effects.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks! I didn't do anything special, I don't think, except take it in B&W.

nightwatcher said...

LOVE THAT SHOT!!!! Awesome!!
How are the 2 getting along?

Hope things are going well with the shoulder!!

Ghost Dog said...

They're getting along pretty well, thanks. And the shoulder is improving. The ortho and the PT folks are pretty pleased with where I'm at, and so am I.