14 August 2008

Shoulder Update: 1 Week Post-Op

Well, so far everything is going well. Got my stitches out today, and a very limited set of 'exercises' to do. I get to use the sling a bit less, and continue the ice/compression stuff for another couple weeks before I go back in to see the doc. He wants me to be able to have forward extension to about 45 degrees and be able to comfortably externally rotate to about 5 degrees outside of neutral. He didn't specify any goals for abduction, but I'll try to make some progress there as well. The idea is to take it easy for starters, just gain a little motion back. Last time around, I was stuck in a sling for about 5 weeks, so this is already a little more aggressive and I like it. I need to stay smart about it, though. I imagine I'll be glad to have the Percocet refill...

Hopefully after the next appointment, I can get some of the still pictures from the 'scope. The doc showed me one today where there was a nice bit of loose cartilage that needed to be removed, and one where I could clearly see how frayed and torn up things were in there.

Most importantly, however, I can still take pictures of the puppy, so here are some more.

Not a bad profile shot.

Got it made in the shade, haven't you, boy?

Jumpy jumpy!

I can haz treets now?


Major Clanger said...

Get well soon, Dude.

That pup has really cute markings - he gets even cuter if you click on the pictures to make 'em bigger.

Ghost Dog said...


Broke But Still Drinking said...

I think the dog could use some free beer.