28 August 2008

3 Weeks Post-Op - The $12,800 Shoulder

Went back for my second post-op check with my Ortho doc, and he says things are progressing nicely. I can't ditch the sling completely just yet, but it's more a protective/preventive measure than anything. I'm to go ahead and schedule my Physical Therapy now, which is good - it'll feel more like I'm rehabbing it if I have that structure and some more goals to meet. I can extend to the front almost 70 degrees now, abduct somewhere past 45, and externally rotate probably almost 10. Doesn't sound like much, but compared to 3 weeks post-op the last time around, I'm MILES ahead.

I'm so very pleased with my medical insurance as well. I think I've paid only a handful of co-pays, and that's about it. The surgery, the follow-up visits, and the Game Ready unit were all covered fully. I'll have to shell out some co-pays for Physical Therapy, but that will pretty much be it. Here's an inside look at what $12,800 will get you...

At top right, that is a piece of cartilage that was loose. "Have that removed."

"That's gonna need some silk." The repairs in progress.

More repair-y goodness. Shift that capsule!


Kelly said...

WOW, Yikes and gawd bless insurance, at least they pay their share every once in awhile!

I had no idea how long this healing process has been for you. I cannot even imagine. You'll be better in the long run, for sure!

Take care.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, despite it being an outpatient procedure, it's still a pretty major repair job. The fun part begins now, though - the physical therapy.