13 July 2008

Ski Day 32: Done Taking Chances This Season

The training lanes on Palmer. Note the massive crevasses above the snowfield.

I pushed my luck with my damaged shoulder for the last time this season. I had a close call with another subluxation, this time while adjusting tower pads in some pretty deep lift tower wells. I recognized the situation I was about to put myself in and backed off, averting another shoulder tweak.
I figured every ski day since the Father's Day re-injury was a bit of a gamble, and at 28 or so days patrolled this season, there wasn't any good reasont to keep poking fate in the eye. Especially since I've already had the MRI and I don't need to go radically changing the situation before I've even had the chance to properly review the MRI with the Ortho doc.

But it was a gorgeous day. The kind of day that reminds you just why you patrol in the summer. It being a Sunday, and with fewer than the usual number of camps in session, it figured to be a light day. Sounded like Saturday wasn't - they had to take someone off the hill in a helicopter.

The historic lodge, from the Magic Mile chairlift.

Aside from re-adjusting tower pads - which was quite a bit of work - there was little going on until about mid-morning. Then things got just a little crazy. We had an actual case just 50 yards or so away from where the apprentices were doing their First Responder Training. Some of them had passed their check-offs just a little while earlier, and got to get right into a real live case - one that required a backboard. They did quite well.

The apprentices get a briefing from the FRT instructors.

After that, there were a couple cases that happened right around the same time, but to listen to the radios, it sounded like a lot worse was going on. I think some confusion about terminology (nobody told us what a 'lap park' was), and someone's inability to distinguish left from right (not me, I was in the Army for 8 years - I know damn well which is which), contributed to a whole lot of radio traffic. We got things cleared up and I did assist on one of the cases (a knee).

When I got to take some free runs, they were fantastic on the western side of the area. Nice soft stuff, plenty of space, big turns. Just lovely. I got to patrol with an OEC classmate of mine who I hadn't seen in a while, which was cool.

Ski Bowl. Lots has changed since a couple weeks ago, eh?

No surprise cases at the end of the day was a welcome occurrence, and sweep was uneventful. What was fun to watch were all the tourists snapping photos of the snow and stuff. People were working really hard to get that perfect shot of their loved one(s) with the mountain in the background just so.

I was worn out and crashed after showering off all the sweat, salt, and sunscreen. Now I get to wait to find out what the shoulder is going to cost me in terms of late-summer projects around the house and re-starting ski patrol stuff in the fall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a 'scope job and a quick rehab.


Dorr said...

"Right... No, your other right."

Do they train radio communications at patrol training?

Take care with your shoulder. Hopefully it isn't anything serious or major should it get worked.