02 July 2008

Preliminary MRI Report: Torn Labrum

As I expected, I got a call from my doctor's office today about my shoulder MRI Arthrogram from last Friday. The story as it stands now is a torn labrum, which is really no surprise to me. I go in to see an Orthopedist at the end of the month to further discuss the MRI results and the inevitable surgical procedure. Given the history and the mechanism of injury, it's most likely a Bankart lesion. Again.

Hopefully, they can do the repair arthroscopically. I'm really not looking forward to the surgery at all, but better a 'scope job than another open repair job. With any luck, I can get it scheduled soon enough to avoid missing the fun of the pre-season Ski Patrol activities like the OEC refresher and Chair Assault School.

I'll be an unhappy camper if I'm prohibited from however much external rotation I need to play TF2. :)


Kirk said...

Have you found a shoulder specialist in Portland? Who's your Dr? I'm also in PDX and I have a 100% labral tear that's a SLAP/Posterior combination (along with a couple small tendon tears). Good luck with your tear!

Ghost Dog said...

I'm going in to see Dr. Montgomery at Orthopedic Specialists on the 29th. I haven't heard the full extent of my shoulder injury as yet - I expect I'll hear about that on the 29th.