31 July 2008

More Kingston!

The boy is too much the cute. He's getting bigger, and the 'accidents' in the house are decreasing as well. He has a bladder infection, so we're giving him antibiotics, and thankfully that is really not much of a chore - he gobbles the pills right up! Anyway, on to the photos...


Dorr said...

Already the "king" of the house! How is Pheebs getting along with the new guy? More importantly, the cat?

Ghost Dog said...

Pheebs is getting on fine with the boy, but she gets a little cranky sometimes - no real surprise there. We try to make sure we haven't reduced our level of attention for her.

The cat's pretty much keeping her distance.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I havent been reading for awhile!!!
Hope the shoulder is getting better.
Awesome news ref to the pup.
Try to not pay too much attention to the pup so she doesnt think she gets bumped. The pup is small now but.....wow growth factor is amazing in the dane world.
Good Luck!