29 July 2008

Going In For More Repairs

Today I met with my Orthopedist, and after some more X-rays and motion tests, we decided that an arthroscopy was indeed in order for my damaged right shoulder. Not wanting to put this off much longer - both to avoid missing the best part of next ski season and to be done with my rehab before going on sabbatical next March, I decided to have the procedure done sooner rather than later.

So, the second repair job is scheduled for next Wednesday. Should be a fairly simple (compared to The Bankart Job 12 years ago) 'scope job, and hopefully a slightly quicker rehab.

Probably good to get this out of the way while the puppy is still light enough to carry in one hand. And hopefully by the time he's too heavy, I won't have a need to pick him up anyway.

Speaking of the lil' fella, more pix coming soon.


Dorr said...

Got to get the KingstonTrak up and going!

Hope all goes well on the shoulder repair.