13 June 2008

You Know Your IT Department Sucks When...

...your antivirus/intrusion protection app is eating more memory than Outlook 2007, which is a notorious resource hog. Brutal. I could understand if an active scan was running, but it isn't.

In other news, it's creeping up on birthday time again. Carnell, tell 'em how old I'm gonna be.


Ryan said...

Argh, that sucks! Guessing it's Mcafee (the 'mc' in the process was my hint) which is a notorious hog. Norton is a LOT better. AVG is even better than that. But yikes, that just sucks.

Bryan said...

Oh man, I have a birthday creeping up on me too. Ugh!

Ghost Dog said...

@ Ryan: Yeah, and I can't just shut it off or anything, or go with AVG (which I have at home).

Bryan said...

Unlike the IT department that I have here. A sample of the emails we receive from our IT department at least once a day:

"Coming in late."
"Going home early."
"Out on vacation."
"Out sick today."
"Going home sick."

Oh yeah, what was worse than McAfee was SpySweeper installed on our system. I never shuted-up about that until they found out it was really hindering our productivity--really bad.

I thought the technology was to simplify our productivity, not make it more complicated.