27 June 2008

So That's The MRI Over, How Did It Go?

The answer is, I don't know yet. I should hear back on that sometime next week.

As for the process itself, it went well. I arrived a little early, filled out one form (I love the part about how I injured it...I almost wrote, "which time?"), waited a few minutes, then was taken to the dressing rooms to change into the exam getup.

The tech described the procedure - I was to get some lidocaine, then the "contrast" injection. I'm oversimplifying it so I don't bore anyone, and that process took about 20 minutes. Throughout, the tech and the doctor were X-raying my shoulder to see where they wanted to do the injections. I could see the monitor, so I was watching that whole thing. It was kinda neat to see my 11-year-old suture anchors, and watch the contrast fluid spread into my shoulder.

Of course, I asked for a couple shots of that for the blog, and they obliged. Just before I went into the MRI machine, the tech handed me a CD that had a special media viewer on it and 3 of the X-Rays they took.

Not much difference between the three shots, but here they all are. You can see my suture anchors, and the bright-ish blob over the head of the humerus is where the contrast solution was injected into the glenohumeral joint capsule. Neat.

After the injections, I sat around a bit, then was walked into the MRI room. They strapped my shoulder up, put me on the bed, and into the tube I went. I remembered how bored I was with my ankle MRI, but that was nothing compared to this. At least with the ankle, I could watch all the blinking lights and the countdown timer, and didn't have to worry about my breathing. This time around, I couldn't see anything other than the inside of the "tube" - a very bland light-blue.

25 minutes of shallow, even breathing and chunk-chunk-chunk...whirrrr...whirrr... etc. later, they let me out for "the fun part".

"The fun part" consisted of 5 more minutes in the machine, this time with my arm above my head. "Fun" isn't the f-word I would use. Maybe with a healthy shoulder, but I was in some pain just from the pressure of the contrast solution. But, everyone over at Portland Medical Imaging was super nice and professional, so the experience on the whole was pretty decent.


Larry said...

Yeah that imaging s--- is neat. We have some images of some of your mothers recent injuries, don't ask which because I can't remember.

They are on the computer at home so I can't send them now.

Hope they can fix you up ok.

Both you and your brother must have some of your mothers broken "jeans".

Only MRI I have had as been with a stress test. NO problems found.

Kelly's Corner said...

WOW, Those MRI images are really amazing!

I hope they can fix you up nice and good this time around. This is no fun for you at all! We hope for a quick resolution.

Take care, looking forward to seeing you for your B-day! :)