24 June 2008

Ain't Gotta Fight All The Time

Sometimes, you just gotta take a break from all the killing and the burninating, and get to rockinating. Even if you're a little nicked up.

The one thing that Valve failed to do was spruce up the guitar taunt with the Axetiguisher like they did with the Medic and his Ubersaw (the original Bonesaw taunt just sounded like a violin, but the Ubersaw is all electric-y and awesome). Pretty disappointing, if you ask me, but probably quite minor in the grand scheme of the game.


Dorr said...

Interesting. That whatever with the Joker-like face smile on the background screen wall is oddly weird.

Ghost Dog said...

That whole map is one bit of bizarre after another. Lots of fun late at night when funny people do funny things.