26 May 2008

Ski Day 29: Banker's Hours @ Timberflats

Sorta cold, very windy, crap visibility. That's how the day started.

Sunday was the first day on snow in quite a while, and early on it was beginning to look like it might not happen. Few cars in the lot, lousy weather. I carpooled with OEC classmate Terry, and on the ride up Timberline Road, the visibility varied wildly. Fortunately, it wasn't raining.

Terry relaxes on one of the Clippers. We had the first bump shift.

Never really sure what we'll get in terms of weather on the mountain this time of year, I didn't alter my plans as far as what gear to bring. It was certainly a parka day, what with the wind and mixed precipitation. It did finally clear up a bit towards the afternoon, so I shot a few more pictures.

Saw a lot of climbers today, I thought was odd, given the weather. Fortunately, nobody got lost that we heard about, and nobody needed a sled ride down.

As patrol days go, it was pretty quiet. Not a lot of stuff to do in the morning for setup, and only one case from the hill. We had a skier with a knee injury. Dusty, a transfer patroller, was the first responder, and I got to take the sled and drive the patient down. Having not skied in about a month, and having not been staying in shape, I was in for quite a thigh-burner, since I had to drive the sled from about 3/4ths of the way up the Palmer lift all the way down to the First Aid Room at the lodge. I think that's about 2200 vertical feet, but close to 2 miles of skiing. But, no complaints from my passenger ("yeah, pretty good ride."), so that's good.

It pretty much stayed rather breezy, but the sun did make an appearance. Never did get a clean shot of the summit.

Sweep was pretty easy, and I got to check out the snow on the west side of the lifts, which hadn't seen much skier traffic. This was kind of a mixed blessing. Some of it was very smooth but slow snow, and some of it was VERY slow. You could almost just point the skis straight down the hill in some spots and not get going too fast at all.

With a 9-3 schedule, it was a nice short day on the hill. Too bad we didn't get decent weather until we only had just shy of 2 hours left.


Bryan said...

One thing will keep me off the slopes: thunderstorms. It's in the forecast for Tuesday. Do you shut down in T-storms?

Ghost Dog said...

I've only been on the hill once for that, and they put the lifts on standby since the t-storms were passing through pretty quickly. I imagine if thunderstorms were in the forecast for the bulk of the day, they would halt operations for the day. It sure would suck to be stuck up there. Awful risky to ski down with all that exposed space...

Bryan said...

I'm so glad it's now Juneuary.