14 May 2008

A Brighter Smile, Finally

I'm not big on going to the dentist. I don't think I've had any regular dental care in the last 8 years or so, and I never really cared to do anything about it until recently. I wasn't having any pain or anything, but it just started to bother me that my horribly crooked bottom teeth were just starting to look dingy.

On top of that, I had a small chip break off of one of my upper molars. So, it was finally time to go in. I was dreading it, given the fact that it'd been so long since I'd had a cleaning. I was expecting to hear that I had cavities that needed filling, and then the excruciating pain of the scraping and drilling and all the stuff that goes along with real hard-core dental cleaning.

The exam a couple weeks ago revealed no cavities, to my combined surprise and relief. The hygenist went over some things with me and set expectations that the cleaning might take two appointments.

Good grief.

Well, I went in for the cleaning today, and the hygenist was simply outstanding. She explained everything she was doing, had me raise my left hand if I felt like I was going to gag or choke from the saliva/water, and just generally did an awesome job cleaning my teeth. She used some kind of ultrasonic instrument when the normal scraping got tough, and I have to say my choppers look better than I've ever seen them. The only thing driving me nuts at the moment is the whitening polish she put on last requires that I not eat or drink for 30 minutes, and even then no beer and only soft foods for 4-6 hours. It feels all crusty on my teeth, too.

Small price to pay. At least it doesn't taste like crap.

And, she had a full hour with me, which meant no second appointment. Next up is a trip back to the office next month to get the chip filled in.

But I'm definitely going to keep to the twice-a-year schedule I'm supposed to.


Bryan said...

That reminds me... I need to make a dentist appointment.

My favorite visit was when I busted a tooth on a MRE Tootsie Roll back in my Army days. Who knew that MRE food could be an occupational hazard resulting in injury?

Ghost Dog said...

LOL...never happened to me, but I heard of other folks breaking teeth on MRE food. Yikes.

Larry said...

Your lack of cavities could be due to the mouth wash you use.

I think I have a 'T' that has the labels for several of the NW mouth washes. Like the ones we sampled the last time we were in Portland.

brando said...

I'm going in about a week.

I can't wait for em to pull out the hook scraping device.