28 April 2008

Ski Day 28: Spring Again @ Ski Bowl

Welcome to the Rescue Center.

I could pretty much re-post Ski Day 26 and call it good. Other than the case count and some of the folks involved, Sunday was pretty much a re-run of 2 weeks ago.

I got to open up RC again, but had to wait for the Upper Bowl lift to open, since they had to replace one of the shivs down near the bottom. They did run me up there with the top operator, but shut the lift back down again. They got things fixed up and going again maybe 35-40 minutes after I got up top.

Sign's getting a little higher...but not much...

The snow was heavy and mushy in the ungroomed areas, but not as deep or as hard to push around as it was a couple weeks ago, so it was a little more inviting. I made a handful of runs off the groomers during the day.

The lower bowl is basically one big terrain park now. Some of the jumps are flippin' HUGE.

The only case we had was a walk-in at the aid room. Apparently, someone got a sliver from one of the bamboo-woven trays from the cafeteria.

I managed to meet up with a co-worker and make a few runs with him, so that was kinda cool. He's a pretty decent skier, but evidently wasn't savvy enough to wear any sunblock. I saw him at work today in full-on red-raccoon mode. D'oh!

Mt. Hood in the afternoon. Weather coming in, but it didn't really threaten.

Sounds like Ski Bowl is going to be open again next weekend, and possibly also Mother's Day weekend. They certainly have enough snow, probably to go to Memorial Day, but they just won't get the people. I'd guess maybe 150 people were on the hill Sunday, and that might be a generous estimate...