13 April 2008

Ski Day 26: Mush-Fu @ Ski Bowl

Hm. Not sure about the advice here. We had no women getting hurt, but none in bikinis, either.

Well, all the warm temps and sunny skies in town happened to mean the same up on the hill. There had been some snow earlier in the week, but it quickly got warm and so Ski Bowl was left with a nice bit of slop-n-glop.

Also earlier in the week, my brother called me up at 6:something Tuesday morning to tell me that some gal pal of his (who had also been through the "program" @ Smugglers'...quite a while after we had) was coming out here to visit someone and wanted to ski. I hear nothing from him since Christmas, and he calls to lean on me for a lift pass for someone I've never met. Nice. Being the good brother, I oblige him, and a series of phone calls and text messages later, I meet this girl at the Exxon station in Gresham yesterday morning to hand off a voucher so she can go hit Meadows with her friend's friends.

Jim, I love you, bro. But come out here and scout the skiing for yourself sometime, 'kay?

That little hint of a cloud cap was in a state of flux all day.

Anyway, back to today. Super warm, and I knew it would be. I almost didn't even bother tossing my parka in my bag, but you never really know WTF will happen with the weather around here, so I brought it along.

I didn't need it.

Today was definitely a Vest Day, and with few guests and few patrollers, I figured even if it got cool, I would keep warm by making lots and lots of runs. I did throw on my patrol fleece under my vest as it did seem a little cool, but by the time I got up to the top of Multorpor via snowmobile, I was toasty. I got to open RC (140 inches at the measurement stake!) and hung out a bit, ditching the fleece and seriously considering pulling the ear flaps off the helmet.

More hints of how much snow is still up there. That window would be buried if it hadn't been getting dug out all the time...

We had one early case (snowboarder, wrist - not a surprise), but nothing else of note happened the rest of the day. I tried some of the ungroomed mush here and there, but mostly stuck to the groomers, since turning in the glop was too much like work. My only wish is that I'd waxed my skis the night before. It got slow and sticky, which is no good when you have to haul sleds around. I had to take one down to the top of Multy from RC, then later in the day take one from Cascade to Multy (Rrr...flat Roundhouse...). Evidently, there was a ski race BBQ going on and they were running Cascade. But I got to close it down again, so my spot as last person to ride Cascade for the season is still intact. :)

Sign check! Still not very high off the snow...but it's rising. For now. I heard there will be more snow up there this week...

That and fifty cents will buy you a half-dollar's worth of...something. I dunno. I'm tired.

And the Apache Outlaws love GS/SG turns on the groomed slop.


BJDorr said...

That'll all change for tomorrow. Cooler temperatures, precipitation, lowering snow level.

We used our two days of sunshine for this quarter. Don't expect to see the sun until July.