07 April 2008

Ski Day 25: Mashed Pertaters @ Bowl

A Clipper sled at the top of Multorpor, just prior to my inspection.

Sunday was back to patrolling at the Bowl, but with so few guests and the Cascade chair closed, plus a gaggle of hill apprentices, I got more skiing in than I needed. I was (am) still pretty sore after Saturday - like I said, showing off for your friends is hard work. They were all duly impressed, and still talking about it at work today.

I drew the Multorpor opening assignment, so dragged a sled-qualified apprentice with me to do all the tower pads and stuff. There was some fresh snow, probably 4-5" of the stuff, so it was a little bit of effort to get things ready for the day. After opening things up, I headed up to RC and basically got some runs in for a while. Scotty's Way was pretty stellar, but you could tell the snow was heavier Sunday than Saturday. I hit Cliffhanger and West Wall as well, but I was feeling it from Saturday.

I headed over to Scotty's again, but this time stopped off to call my mom for her birthday. She guessed correctly that the conditions were excellent, but wrong that it was sunny. We chatted for a little while, and then I dropped into the trees on skier's left of Scotty's Way, where there was still some long stretches of untracked snow. Sweet.

I texted Barkernews during lunch, just to say hey, since I saw Der Kaiserhutte parked at the Govy building on my way in. I bugged him about getting a beer after patrolling (he was at The Large Ski Area, and NoPoGirl was at Timberflats), but no dice. Sounds like they were both having a great weekend on the mountain, as evidenced by their blog posts. :)

A look at the West Wall at Ski Bowl. That rock you can barely see, below the trees near the center of the picture? Yeah, usually not so buried this time of year.

After lunch, it was back to making laps on the upper bowl, and watching the hill apprentices run sleds as I rode up the lift. I was getting pretty beat by the end of the day, though. Somewhere around 3pm, I was in RC letting my patrol-mates get some runs in when a call came in for an incident on the terrain park over on Easy Street. I rocketed on down Skyline, grabbed a sled from Multy, and headed down...Lower Surprise.


I thought that was where they said the injured 'boarder was, but got the correction after I was down the trail a little ways. Fortunately, I was still high enough to be able to sneak through the trees between the two trails and get the toboggan to just below where the injured guy was. A quick assesment revealed a dinged-up shoulder and nothing else, so into a sling/swathe he went and I took him on down to the bottom of Multy, where a snowmobile waited to tow us over to the First Aid room. The pro patroller offered the guy a ride instead of a tow in the toboggan, which he quickly agreed to, so off we went, me getting towed and the guy on the snow-mo.

Just some trees on Lower Bowl. Looks like February, dunnit?

After getting the guy taken care of - a secondary exam, and a re-sling/swathe, we finished up the paperwork, and I headed back towards the Palace. One problem was, I had to get my poles from the top of Multy. Another problem was, I had to take the sled back up to the top of Multy. Well, these weren't problems so much as delays to my getting off the hill and headed home. But the worst of the delays I didn't discover until I skied down after bringing the sled back - the handle tow wasn't running.


Like I'm not tired enough, now I gotta walk back from the bottom of Multy over to the Palace? Nice. I thought about calling for a snowmobile tow, but then I decided that would be a wussy thing to do and hiked on back. It didn't take long for me to think about how much fun I'd had all weekend, and a smile crept on my face as I trudged back to the Palace...that you can't even see until you get right up to the trench to the door.


BJDorr said...

If I'm not mistaken, but do I see lift chairs in the snow in the background?

Snow has been crazy this winter--and spring.

Ghost Dog said...

In the first shot? Not quite, but the "ramp" to get off the lift can hardly be called that now. It's pretty much a totally flat run-out there. Makes it a little tough to get a sled off the lift when it's like that...