05 April 2008

Ski Day 24: Free Skiing (AKA "Me Patrol") @ Bowl

I almost don't need to bother with a full-on post about today, because I could just sum up the epic-y goodness thus:

Face shots, in April, at Ski Bowl.

But I'll elaborate anyway. Today was a free-ski day, something I'd arranged with some co-workers, and given the wife-blessing due to her expecting to be out-of-town for her work for the weekend. Well, she ended up not going, but by virtue of her supreme awesomeness, I was allowed to goof off with my friends on the hill.

I got up there kinda early, seeing as how the hours at Ski Bowl have shifted a little, and promptly locked my keys in the Sorento. Idiot. I'd hit the lock button on the key fob, tossed my keys in my pack, and then changed my mind about trying to boot up in the parking lot...and then I shut the back hatch. With the pack still inside. Luckily, the Mountain Ops guys had some tools to get into locked cars and I didn't frak the day up completely from the get-go.

Today was a free-ski day (I called it "me patrol", which drew chuckles from the patrollers on duty today), but I snagged a patrol radio anyway, since there weren't many patrollers dispatched, but hoped all I would need to do was return it at the end of the day. Turned out that was indeed the case.

I wasn't going to wait around for my co-workers to show up, so I'd made arrangements for them to just call my cell when they arrived. I got in 4 spectacular runs on the upper bowl before I got a call. It was truly epic up there. I effin' LOVE my Apache Outlaws. What a great handful of runs, all of it in knee-deep powder, making floaty smooth turns, and almost choking on the snow spraying up in my face. The skis were just floating beautifully, forgiving a handful of technical mistakes and rewarding me handsomely for the corrections. I finally met up with the gang, took some runs with them on the lower part of the mountain, and then we set off to shred some of the west wall.

Unfortunately, they're all 'boarders, and traversing through deep snow isn't a strong suit. So, since we went down a little lower than I'd planned, we ended up heading down farther than anticipated, and went on a nice little adventure down to a run called "Fuck Yeah" (no, it's not on the official map) and out the Log Road. Wasn't exactly what the gang wanted to do, but they seemed to enjoy the odyssey.

We broke for lunch, and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a cheeseburger and fries. I know, not good for me, but it sounded yummy and I was skiing hard (showing off for co-workers is a lot of work). The afternoon was spent making more runs on the upper bowl, and although the snow was getting a little heavy, it was still pretty damn sweet, and I managed to find some patches of untracked stuff as late as 2:30pm.

I saw fellow patrollers throughout the day and chatted with them, but mostly today was for me. It was so nice to get a full day of turns in, all just for the enjoyment of it. I gotta get some more of those in, and with all the snow (that is still falling!), I seem to have plenty of season left to do it.

Oh, and did I mention? I effin' LOVE my Apache Outlaws.

Tomorrow is back to the Bowl, but this time with a red coat.