31 March 2008

Wii For Charitii

Heh. I totally got to play video games at work.

And didn't even get in trouble for it. In fact, I was rewarded for it.

Aside from a nice little plaque and a signed promo poster from the event (a big Wii tournament put together by one of the business groups here at CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet), I got a $250 check for the charity of my choice.

Of course, since the patrol is a non-profit organization, I chose to donate it to the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol.


Izzy said...

Cool - congrats on winning, and thanks for the donation! You rock!

brando said...

You're the Wii master.

I actually played Wii for the first time this weekend. "Boxing" should be called "Wrist flicking".

I also got my hands on a little Guitar Hero 3. Man, that's fun.

Kelly said...

That's AWESOME GD! Congrats on taking advantage of the Wii games and winnin' $$ for YOUR favorite charity. You will make some good friends through your winnings! :)

Relish in your success and now you can play wii simply for fun and games, although who doesn't like a challenge eh? :)
Cheers! Congrats and good work.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, y'all.

Brando: An "oh hell yes it is" on the Guitar Hero comment. I can't wait for the Aerosmith edition coming in June...

BJDorr said...

Good job, man! Wii-iiiiiii!

Ryan said...

Congrats on the Win... the Wiin?